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The call of duty WWWII Tournament came to a close last weekend with “the Watchmen” lifting their hard earned trophies on Saturday the 23rd at the prestige plaza cinemas. Here is a quick recap of the tournament.

The tournament started with a knock off stage, with the winning teams moving to semi-finals, while the second and the third-placed sides advanced to the quarter-finals (losers bracket).






Group stage

In Group A, four teams ended up with a 3-2 record, with Ego gamers grabbing first place due to head-to-head record (having defeated all of the other three teams). Broscience and  Gunslingers played  tiebreakers for the remaining three spots, and it was the Gunslingers who went out in fourth place after losing both of their matches.

Group B avoided the tiebreakers after Ultra Noobs was placed first with four wins, followed by ego gamers  who snatched the fourth spot.

A big congratulations to the Watchmen for their exemplary skills and for being the winners of the day.Ultra noods took the second spot with the Broscimce taking third.







The winners were crowned with tropies,lots of airtime from safaricom and a pair of pace headphones.