Appendix A

Etiquette Guide

Tournament Prize

The Finals of the Mortal Kombat XL will award eight prizes:

All cash-prize winners need to have valid bank accounts with ability to receive the prize via bank transfer, for legal and auditing records.


Participant Rules

Players participating in this tournament need to be strictly 18 years old of age or above, holding a valid passport or National ID (with more than 6 month before expiration), and are residents or nationals of any African Country.

Valid passport is mandatory, to be able to fly to Kenya for the PSG Mortal Kombat XL Tournament.

Denial for a visa to Kenya is not the responsibility of the Pro Series Gaming, each of their respective partners(if applicable), subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, advertising and promotion agencies, including each of the foregoing identified entities’ respective parents, subsidiaries and affiliates.


Tournament Rules

The tournament is of a Double Elimination bracket until the finals (unless stated otherwise)

By entering any event you make a commitment to play fairly and in accordance with the rules. All players are asked to behave humanely towards other competitors and members of the Tournament administration team. Please read the following general guidance on fair play and the tournament format.

Grounds for 

  1. Insults during a match or at any stage in the Tournament may lead to disqualification
  2. The following severe incidents may also lead to disqualification: extremist statements, threats of violence, sexual harassment, stalking, severe insults and displaying pornographic or offensive material
  3. Excessive annoying or offensive contributions within the Tournament is considered as spamming. Spamming can lead to your disqualification
  4. All forms of cheating in the Tournament is forbidden and may lead to disqualification

Games and Matches


  1. Each match will begin by one player picking a character and a character variation
  2. The first player to pick should be decided randomly using an appropriate method by the Tournament organizer
  3. After the first player has picked and the second player has begun character and variation pick, the first player may not change selection
  4. Any map maybe selected by each player.  If each player picks different maps, the game will choose a map at random automatically
  5. Subsequently, the winner of the previous game in a match will pick first.
  6. From the second match round, the players that picked first in the previous round should pick second where possible
  7. After each game in a match, the players must return to character select

Double Elimination – Best of 16

The Final 16 Tournament will be run as a Double Elimination system which will work as follows (unless stated otherwise):


Each player has the ability to the pause the game to check control move commands.  This is allowed but not excessively at the discretion of the Tournament organizer.  Excessive pausing may lead to loss of game or no score.

Filming and other terms and conditions: