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After the blood, sweat and tears over the last four months, the time had come for the Mortal Kombat XL Tournament. Quarter finals were here, where the top forty contestants came to fight it out for the 1,000,000 KSh prize pool and the championship title. With so much on the line, each player brought their absolute best, leading to the most amazing sets in fighting game history.

In the end MR.5000, reigned as the best MKXL player in Africa, holding the championship cup and the 1st place cash prize for the first time. Thank you to all who watched and participated over the course of the day. Congratulations to Mr.5000 for his win as the first MKXL, PSG champion.

The Quarter Finals

The quarter finals started with five pools of eight players. Each pool produced two players. As the grand finale had only eight slots, the player who won in each pool was automatically entered into the final. This meant that the second player would have to battle it out in a round robin to determine who would take the remaining three spots and a chance to win in the 1,000,000 Ksh prize pool.

With two Zambians in the final, Kenya and Uganda were determined to get the prize money too. It was clear from this point that the battle of the countries had begun.



Top 8 Players

Once the top 8 players were determined, there was no more polite play. There was a lot of aggression during the first rounds. Once the players got comfortable, we saw serious combs being executed. It was interesting that most players used Cassie Cage’s character and when they got in trouble, Jax was the preferred switch. Jax’s character proved to be a good luck charm as no one lost while using his character. We also saw a lot of interactables and zoning being used, especially with Krach the Beast and Aryba Stacks.


The first match ups were won by: Mr.5000, Aryba Stacks, Priest and Gambit. In the losers’ bracket we saw Baraza (Jay25flow) and Adam being knocked out and walking away with 20,000KSh each.

As the day grew longer, the players also got more intense and hungry for the ultimate prize. Hence, we saw Aryba Stacks and Gambit move to the losers’ bracket and Priest and Mr.5000 maintain their lead in the winners’ brackets.

The 6th and 5th spots were battled out with deep passion between Gambit and Krach the Beast. The difference in the prize for the 5th and 6th place was poured out in their gaming. The game started when they both chose the same character; Tribog. Gambit started strong and it being a long range match, a lot of interactables were used. In the end they both had won a game and the last game was to determine who would walk away with 50,000KSh. Gambit decided to change his character to Cassie Cage and his choice was the right one, as he won the game and the 50,000KSh. Krach the Beast won 20,000KSh.

In the semi-final we saw Zaza play Aryba Stacks where Zaza demonstrated that he was a force to be reckoned with eliminating Aryba Stacks and walking away with 100,000KSh and 50,000KSh went to Stacks.

Great finish by Zaza


The Final

It was Zambia’s best verses Kenya’s best. The final was heated as Mr.5000, had not lost a single game throughout the day. The pressure was on but, he kept his cool. After very close games leading up to fifteen rounds, Mr.5000 showed us why he is indeed Mr.5000, walking away with a cool 500,000KSh and Priest went home with a decent 200,000KSh!


Mr.5000 creating Tremors

From beginning to end, the day was packed full of surprises, and upsets. As the PSG Mortal Kombat XL tournament came to an end, 39 players etched their names in esports history in Africa. Thanks to all who watched and competed and congratulations to the first time champion Mr.5000!

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