LAN Party Tickets

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Master Builds

Think you've got the best RIG? Prove it! Bring your personally built computer and let it be judged

Here are the Rules

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Game Trade

Not only will you be playing awesome games but you can trade games too! Exchange games you have completed for other ones from fellow gamers!

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Mini Tournaments

We cannot leave out a chance to brag on your skills! Register for the tournament you wish to participate in below.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Attendees are restricted to move out from the venue building as long as they adhere to the regulations addressed by the security personnel.
  • There will be designation of tables assigned to gamers who would like to LAN on a specific game however there is limited space so do come early.
  • The LAN Party is BYOR/Console. Come with Ethernet cables, LAN routers, power cables and external hard drives. Only sockets and internet will be provided by the event organizers.
  • We strongly advice that the games you get at the LAN Party should not be deleted since our events will be frequent and are done on notice, this will help us save time during sets and preparations.
  • Please carry your own food/snacks or you can buy at the nearby supermarket/restaurant.
  • All attendees below the age of 16 should have a guardian/parent present at all times

Thank you for reading this far and welcome to the gaming community. Our events are proudly hosted by PSG and its respective sponsors.