1.1 Waivers

PSG LAN Party is open to all ages (13-17 require parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver, below13 require supervision at all times on-site) but the event—including tournaments, exhibitorsand partners showing games and other material—may contain content not suitable for all ages.Updates are posted as soon as possible to The waiver can be found on theParental Information download . It can be printed out and prepared before attending the eventfor quicker entry. PSG reserves the right without further notice to change the rules.1.2 Instructions from AuthoritiesEach participant must follow the instructions from PSG’s crew, fire and security guards, as wellas local authorities such as police, fire brigade, etc. (even if these instructions go against PSGrules).BY PARTICIPATING OR ATTENDING THE PSG EVENT, YOU CONSENT TO A REASONABLE SEARCHBY PSG, INC, THE VENUE, OR ANY OF THEIR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL FOR ALCOHOL, DRUGS,WEAPONS, EXPLOSIVES, OR OTHER PROHIBITED ITEMS BOTH PRIOR TO ENTERING THE VENUEAND AT ANY POINT DURING THE EVENT WHILE YOU ARE AT THE VENUE.If you elect not to consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the event withoutrefund or other compensation. Certain items may not be brought into the event premises,including, without limitation, (i) weapons of any nature, whether concealed or open, includingbut not limited to nonworking replicas of weapons, fireworks, anything that fires projectiles,anything sharp or pointed enough to cut or pierce an individual with moderate pressure, andany explosive or flammable devices; and (ii) drugs of any kind, including, without limitation,alcohol, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (outside of designated areas), illegal narcotics, andprescription medication that has not been legally obtained or is being used in a mannerinconsistent with its intended dosage and/or purpose.

1.3 Zero Tolerance Policy

PSG has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any kind of harassment, including but not limited to:demeaning language; threats; hate crimes; theft; intimidation; non-consensual photography orrecording; stalking; inappropriate physical contact; unwelcome physical attention; statementsor verbal exchanges that threaten or express contempt.The ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY applies to EVERYONE attending PSG Events including but notlimited to: Attendees, Crew, Press, Staff, Exhibitors & Guests.We encourage everyone to immediately report any sign of harassment—both to yourself or ifyou witness it happening to someone else. Report it to a member of PSG crew and/or to localpolice authorities.If you break these rules, you may be banned from the event entirely or partially for anindefinite period of time with no refund.

1.4 Drugs

Drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed to be taken onto PSG premises. Peopleintoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs/other non-allowed substances will not beallowed on the premises, at any time. People found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be takenoff the premises. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden indoors andis only allowed in designated areas outside.


2.1 One Person Per RentalEach table and seat rental is valid for one (1) person and one (1) computer at the event. Witheach ticket you receive a table space and a chair (seat) and the right to be inside PSG during theentire event according to opening/closing times posted on the website.

2.2 Code NumberYour table and seat have a unique barcode number that will help you identify your positionwhen you arrive at the entrance to the show. In exchange for your code number, you willreceive a wristband that grants you access to walk freely in and out of PSG LAN Party. You arerequired to show the wristband to our staff and crew each time you enter PSG LAN Party. Ourstaff and crew may ask you to present your wristband at any time. Each code can be used onlyonce! Any attempts to cheat the system will be reported to police immediately. If you arecaught, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.2.3 RefundsIf you have already paid for a ticket to rent a table and seat your ticket cannot be refunded.Sickness or unforeseen events that prevent you from attending the show do not grant you arefund.

2.4 Event CancellationShould the event be cancelled it will be postponed to a later date. Table and seat rentals willnot be refunded. The table and seat rental is valid for the new date of the postponed event.

2.5 Contact InformationEach registered user of the table and seat booking system is responsible to fill out all contactinformation correctly.

2.6 LAN & Power DisruptionsAny disruptions in the LAN or power net do not grant you a refund or reduced table and seatrental. Any canceled lectures, contests, or other activities do not grant you a refund or reducedtable and seat rental.

2.7 Personal InformationThe personal information that you fill out when registering are stored and processed by PSG incharge of the processing. When you choose your table and seat position, your name, alias,group, and city will be visible on the seating web page. By agreeing to these terms you allow usto use your personal information as stated above.


3.1 ParticipationParticipation in the PSG event is at your own risk. You understand that participation in the PSGevent, by its very nature, carries with it some inherent risks that cannot be eliminatedregardless of the care and precautions taken by PSG to ensure a safe and fun environment forall attendees. Such risks can include but are not limited to risk of lost, stolen, or damagedproperty or personal injury. By participating in this event, you voluntarily assume such risks anddangers incidental to the event and expressly waive any claims arising from or related to suchcauses or otherwise occurring at or in connection with the event against PSG and the otherReleased Parties (as defined below), whether occurring prior to, during, or after the event.

3.2 Self-CareFollow our rules, use caution, and eat and sleep normally.

3.3 Fiscal ResponsibilityPSG is not liable for any economic loss in relation to PSG LAN Party, directly or indirectly. Forexample, in the case of a canceled event, electrical failure, or similar you will be fiscallyresponsible for any loss or damages to your belongings.

3.4 LiabilityNo person or persons shall hold PSG liable or its exhibitors, as well as each of their respectiveparents and affiliates, and their respective successors, assigns, partners, sponsors, licensors,licensees and sublicensees, contractors and subcontractors, or other parties in any way relatedto PSG, including by contract, as well as PSG and such parties’ respective officers, directors,employees, and agents (collectively with PSG, the “Released Parties”) liable for any claim arisingfrom, occurring at or relating to the PSG event, including but not limited to damage, injury, lossto person or property, or use of likeness, character, or voice captured in event footage orphotographs.

3.5 Personal BelongingsNeither PSG nor any other Released Parties are responsible for personal belongings orequipment. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES AND BELONGINGS UNATTENDED!


4.1 Flammable MaterialYou are not allowed to handle or in any other way place clothes or other flammable material onpower stations or the like. You are not allowed to hang or in any other way place anything onthe electricity or network cables.

4.2 Electrical EquipmentYou are not allowed to use homemade electrical equipment. Please use electricity cables andextensions of good quality. Poor quality electrical cables or extension cords can harm yourcomputer equipment and can also create ground leaks that will cause the failover circuits toshut down and result in your equipment being without power until corrected.

4.3 High Power AppliancesYou are absolutely not allowed to bring any form of: toaster, microwave oven, coffee boiler,refrigerator, searchlight, or any other high-power consuming or heat producing appliances.Even standard spotlights and common light bulbs are a fire risk and may only be used withextreme caution and may not be covered with flammable materials such as paper, plastic,clothes, etc. The PSG crew has the right to confiscate your belongings after repeated warnings.

4.4 FireFire in any form (candles, lighters, gas stoves, or the like) is not allowed to be used indoors.

4.5 Transportation GearYou are not allowed to bring a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates, or similar transportation gearwithin the venue property. This does not apply to PSG crew.

4.6 Cleaning Up LitterYou are responsible for keeping your table and seat and the surrounding area free of litter.Since litter can be flammable, it increases the risk of fire. Throw your garbage into the recyclingbins placed in the aisles.

4.7 Armchairs & CouchesYou are not permitted to bring an armchair, couch, or the like. These are both too large andcontain too much combustible material. A simple office chair is allowed to replace the seat yourented.

4.8 SleepingYou are not permitted to sleep underneath the tables or in the aisles.

4.9 Storing BelongingsYou are not allowed to in any way store belongings in the aisle behind your seat. These aislesmust be kept free in case of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation! Your belongingsshould be able to fit underneath your table area. Do not bring anything that wouldn’t easily fitunder an average home office desk.

4.10 Laser PointersLaser pointers are strongly prohibited at PSG LAN Parties. Your ticket and table and seat rentalwill be revoked. You will be removed from the event and not permitted to return.

4.11 Face MasksYou are not allowed to wear face masks of any sort in the LAN Area. You cannot walk throughthe LAN venue with an unidentifiable face because it is obscured by a mask.

5. ELECTRICITY & NETWORK5.1 Electrical DisruptionsEvery participant should be aware that a disruption of the electrical and/or LAN grids can occur.The PSG crew will repair these problems with the highest priority.

5.2 Power OutletsEach participant must connect to their own appointed power outlets supplied by PSG at theirdesignated seat and table rental location. You are not allowed to consume power from yourneighbor or any other power outlet. This is very important to make sure that the load on thepower circuits is balanced and thus decrease any chance of grounding issues.

5.3 Audio EquipmentYou are not allowed to bring any form of PA equipment or large speakers. To reduce the soundlevel and power consumption, we ask you to use headphones. If you can’t use headphones, toosmall computer speakers are okay at low volume, but any form of 3D system and subwooferswill be confiscated.

5.4 WLANYou are not permitted to connect your own WLAN access point or WLAN router to the PSGnetwork.

5.5 Computer MalfunctionsIf your computer is causing problems in the network such as viruses, attacks, etc., yourcomputer will be disconnected until the problem is resolved. If you refuse to disconnect yourcomputer from the network, we will evict you from the premises.5.6 Computer ProtectionEach participant must take proper precautions to protect themselves from the network againstthe spread of viruses, spyware, etc. Everyone is advised to have an updated antivirus programand firewall installed.


6.1 One Chair Per PersonEach person may only use one chair at every table and seat rental location. You cannot havemore than one chair at your table. You are not allowed to pile two or more chairs on top ofeach other to create a higher chair, please bring a pillow instead!

6.2 TableYou are not permitted to build your own table or extend pre-existing ones without priorapplication to the PSG team.

6.3 PSG EquipmentYou may not alter or touch the PSG cables or equipment. You may only use the designated LANcables and outlet for your table and seat rental location without altering them in any way.

6.4 Age RestrictionsPSG has no minimum age requirement though participants under the age of 18 should havetheir parent’s permission to attend PSG. Parents and/or guardians must be aware of the PSGrules! Visitors under the age of 13 must have parental supervision at all times.

6.5 Local LawsBreaking local laws can lead to you being reported to the local authorities and immediatelyevicted from the premises until the police arrive to resolve the situation.6.6 Unauthorized SalesYou are not permitted to sell anything without the permission of PSG. This does not includeoccasional sales of second hand or personal belongings.

6.7 Unauthorized AdvertisingPutting up posters or any other spreading of commercial material, propaganda, or the like isstrictly forbidden on the premises without special clearance from PSG. Stickers and flyersshould never be placed at an exhibitor’s booth or in an activity area without permission fromthe exhibitor or PSG respectfully.

6.8 Video & PhotographyBy participating in or attending the PSG event, you grant permission to each of PSG, itsaffiliates, exhibitors, and licensees and their respective parents and affiliates, successors,assigns, partners, sponsors, licensors, and licensees, an unlimited, irrevocable, transferable,sub-licensable (through multiple tiers), worldwide royalty-free, license and right to photograph,record, distribute, and utilize your likeness, character, voice, and, if made available by you, yourbiographical information, in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or othertransmission, exhibition, publication, or reproduction made of, or at, the PSG event (regardlessof whether before, during, or after play or performance), including reasonable derivativesthereof as such party may make from time to time, in any medium or context withoutcompensation or further authorization.PSG and its authorized parties retain the legal right to place network cameras for publishing onthe Internet and also publish photos taken inside and outside PSG on the internet withoutasking further permission from participants that may be visible in the pictures.PSG and its authorized parties retain the legal right to edit, publish, modify, sell and distributephotographs, video, and audio recordings taken inside and outside PSG on various contentdelivery channels such as but not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and, or as aphysical copy such as but not limited to DVD, HDCAM SR, and Blu-Ray without asking furtherpermission from any persons that may be visible in the picture.Subject to PSG and individual exhibitors’ terms, conditions, or policies for such exhibitor’scontent at the event, you may not record, stream, or transmit, or aid in recording, streaming, ortransmitting, content or gameplay from any of screens at the event. You are solely responsiblefor clearing any and all rights and permissions for any use(s) you might make of thephotographs, recordings, transcripts, or other similar material you take while attending theevent. Your attendance at or participation in the event does not permit you to make use ofPSG’s or any individual exhibitor’s, sponsor’s, attendee’s, or participant’s intellectual propertyrights or rights to their likeness.IRL Streaming Policy: IRL streaming is allowed and encouraged at PSG, however its important tobe respectful of our visitors! If you are IRL streaming, should a visitor ask you to not film orotherwise feature them in your IRL stream you are obligated to cease filming them immediatelyif you wish to follow our rules. If you are IRL streaming and found to not be following this policyyou will be asked to leave the event.

6.9 Conduct● Attendees are restricted to move out from the venue building as long as they adhere tothe regulations addressed by the security personnel.● There will be designation of tables assigned to gamers who would like to LAN on aspecific game however there is limited space so do come early.● The LAN Party is BYOR/Console. Come with Ethernet cables, LAN routers, power cablesand external hard drives. Only sockets and the internet will be provided by the eventorganizers.● We strongly advise that the games you get at the LAN Party should not be deleted sinceour events will be frequent and are done on notice, this will help us save time duringsets and preparations.● Please carry your own food/snacks or you can buy at the nearbysupermarket/restaurant.● All attendees below the age of 16 should have a guardian/parent present at all timesThank you for reading this far and welcome to the gaming community. Our events are proudlyhosted by PSG and its respective sponsors.