PSG Elite -Call of duty Mobile tournament

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Date: 2022-09-24

Time: 09:00:00

Game: Cod mobile

Mode:5 v 5

The Tournament will be set up in a 5 vs 5 battle setup.

Each team will have 5 players and 2 Substitutes

The total team registration cap has been set at 16 teams. There will be a qualifiers event on the 24th at the Pro Series Gaming (PSG) studios in Westlands, to determine which main 8 teams will proceed to play in the finals at the Nairobi Comic Convention. 

If the 16 team quota is not met, the 8 team quota will be in place and those 8 will play directly at the Nairobi Comic Convention. 

Team registration will be through a Team leader who will send these details to the admins;

1. Team name

2. All team members and subs in game names

3. Identify who is the team leader. 


The team leaders will then be placed in a WhatsApp group where all communication with admins will take place. 

The modes of the day to be used will be;

           1.Search and Destroy

           2. Hardpoint

           3. Domination


The setup will have straight eliminations structures in a best of 3s per fixture. That means each fixture will have 3 matches after which the loser is eliminated. 

All weapons, Score streaks, perks, and classes are allowed. 

All form of cheating by use of hacks or aim assists are banned and will result in automatic Disqualification. 

Use of a player who was not on the original registered roster inclusive of substitutes will result in automatic disqualification. 

The Qualifiers will be played online on the regular Livestream setup while the finals at the Nairobi Comic Convention will require all players be ON LOCATION live on gameday, November 19th and 20th at Sarit Center during the Nairobi Comic Convenion.

The prize pool will be distributed between 1st 2nd and 3rd place

Players must compete on an eligible handset or tablet and may not use an external device or attachment of any kind that modifies the game’s controls (e.g. Bluetooth controllers, wired controllers, mouse, keyboard etc.) without the express consent of the Administration. Players shall not compete using any desktop emulator. The Administration reserves the right to investigate any Player deemed in violation. Players who are found to be in violation may be disqualified from participating in any future Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments.

Delays.  Teams may not delay the start of a Game or Match beyond its scheduled start time, without the approval of an Administration official.

Lag. In the event that lag occurs, the Game should be completed. For CODM Online, the Player(s) that are experiencing lag should take video proof, and provide it to tournament live support after the Game has concluded. If lag is occurring, it is recommended that multiple Players provide proof of the lag. Leaving the game prematurely may result in a forfeit of the round or Game. For LAN events, Players should notify the Administration of any technical issues.

Disconnections. If a Player disconnects within the first thirty (30) seconds and/or before the first kill, the game should be ended. All players must leave the game and restart the Game.  If a player disconnects after the first thirty seconds (30) and/or the first kill, the Game must be continued and the disconnected Player should rejoin the Game. If the team with the disconnected Player leaves the lobby, their team may forfeit the round/Game in question. The Administration reserves the right to make the final decision in any disconnect situations.

Ties. In the case of a tie, the Game will be replayed before moving onto the next Game in the match.

Disqualification. In the event that a Team is disqualified from a tournament, the Administration will either (i) give the opposing Team a bye in the bracket or (ii) replace the disqualified Team with the next eligible team (a “Replacement Team”) at the Administration’s sole discretion.



All Participants must at all times observe the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship and act in a manner consistent with the best interests of the Tournament, in each case as determined by Administration.  Participants are required to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner in their interactions with other competitors, the Tournament, and members of the Administration, the media, sponsors and fans. 


Participants may not use obscene or offensive gestures or profanity in their tags, player handles, Team Branding, game chat, live play communications, lobby chat, shoulder content, interviews, or other public-facing communications of any kind.  This rule applies to English and all other languages and includes abbreviations and/or obscure references.


Participants are expected to settle their differences in a respectful manner and without resort to violence, threats, or intimidation (physical or non-physical).  Violence is never permitted at any time or place, or against any person including competitors, fans, referees and officials.


The obligation to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner includes an obligation on the part of Participants to arrive on time and ready to compete for all Games, Matches and tournaments in the Tournament Schedule.  It also prohibits forfeiting a Game or Match without reasonable cause.



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