PSG Apex Legend Series (Qualifier 2)

7: Registered players don't miss out on this


Date: 2021-05-07

Time: 15:00:00

Game: Apex Legends


When registering team captains are required to give team name, team members, and possible landing
spot on King’s Canyon, World's Edge and Olympus. The landing spots will be announced after all teams
have registered so that teams can decide to switch to a different spot in game. The goal is to simulate a
real pro tourney, where teams get to reach final circle and positioning and knowledge of rotations wins
you games rather than just pure fighting ability.
Tournament will be 6 matches. After each round the captains of each team will send a picture of the
team's match summary to the tournament group and points will be tallied from there. The point system
we'll use will be the ALGS point system, that is:
1st: 12
2nd: 9
3rd: 7
4th: 5
5th: 4
6th, 7th: 3
8th – 10th: 2
11th – 15th: 1
16th – 20th: 0
Kills: 1 point for each kill
If a tie occurs, the metric considered next will be points accumulated through placement. The team with
higher placement points gets the higher position.

The series will have a total of four tournaments, three of which are qualifiers for the 4th and final
The top 3 teams from the first two tournaments get an automatic qualification to the final.
The 3rd tournament will act as a last chance qualifier for the remaining teams, where the total
accumulated points in that 3rd tournament determine which teams fill up the remaining spots in the
The 4th and final tournament will be the series final where the top 20 teams battle it out for a share of
the series prize pool.

It is advised to put any stream of your gameplay on a delay to prevent stream sniping. It should also be
added that if evidence is provided showing a player stream sniping his/her team will have their points
and earnings revoked and subsequently disqualified from the tournament. Clips can be submitted to the
<tournament organizer’s> social media page after the tournament to determine the best plays.

Team captains are required to register through the number/website

1st - 6000 kshs
2nd - 3000 kshs
3rd - 1500 kshs
MVP - 500 kshs (Most kills)

Total -11000 kshs

Booking closed
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