MK 11

3: Registered players don't miss out on this


Date: 2021-04-02

Time: 15:00:00

Game: MK 11


To register for the tournament, kindly log on to your PSG account and click on 'TOURNAMENTS'. Once on there, click on the tournament you wish to register for (in this case MK11) and click on 'BOOK'. To confirm your booking, check under your profile. The tournament will appear under 'RECENT ACTIVITIES'. 
The rules will be distributed on the PSG discord server ( on the day of the tournament. 
If we fail to get at least 8 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be canceled.

Before you register, please ensure you have the game, MK 11. 


1. Join our discord server on

2. Agree to the terms and conditions

3. Check in to the MK 11 Channel when the ADMIN asks

4. Read the rules of the tournament 

5. Enjoy the tournament.

NOTE: Unless stated all tournaments are friendly competitions and free to enter.

Booking closed
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