Razor_52 – Clash Royale Pro-Gamer

17 year old Shrey Kotecha also known as Razor_52 as his gamer tag in clash royal dominated in the Red Bull MEO tournament in Kenya that was held in the month of October {for those who don’t know, Clash Royale is an online multiplayer strategy game} and has now qualified for the world cup showdown which takes place in Germany in January 2019. Who would have ever thought that a mobile game would earn someone an all-expense paid trip to Germany?

Razor_52 says that he started playing the game almost as soon as it was released and he first started playing it casually. Moreover, he never in his wildest imagination thought he would be playing competitively. What surprised him most is the fact that he won in the tournament. He faced off against other players that were really good and at some point thought he was going to lose but fortunately made a comeback in the final round.

With only a couple of weeks left to the world cup, Shrey has been practicing new combos and he has been seeking advice from other players , all we can do is wish him luck because he is going to represent the Kenyan eSports industry in the world cup .

Want to be like Razor_52 where you get to go up against good players who give you a run for your money? It’s simple really, play games online! It doesn’t matter whether its console, PC or mobile. It’s all the more satisfying when you get to win against good players from all around Kenya, Africa and the World.

All the best to Razor_52 as he travels and experiences a whole new world of eSports! Bring the trophy home and show them that Kenya is in it to win it!