The Games Shall Go On

By: Patrick Wendo
Date: 2020-06-10

Last weekend the games were on again, this time with only 16 players in the pool. Games started on Friday at 7 pm and as the number of players got lower, the matches got more intense. No rage quits were noted this time but a lot of dignity was left on the field with games ending with results like 7:0 ( OwenOwinski vs SupermanKenya).  Click on the link to get the standing so far


2018 Africa ecup by PSG

Unfortunately, there were still some issues with network connectivity forcing the games to run till Sunday. Some walkovers were awarded to a couple of players seeing as they were not available for their matches. Again, PSG policies are not to be trifled with and should be followed to the latter. Two players had been disqualified by the end of the weekend for not following the rules and regulations of the games.


2018 Africa ecup by PSG

The games get more interesting as the tournament final draws near and I for one can not wait to see what new drama the tournament brings.