By: Penny N By: 2021-04-23


For far too long, the video game industry in Africa has and still is dominated by sports games and a few fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken.  This has changed in the last couple of years by having different types of video games penetrating the African eSports industry and more specifically the Kenyan gaming market. This is causing the curiosity of the Kenyan youth to rise and gaining solid participants who engage with the games and tournaments often.

This year, Red bull is organizing a free global campus tournament through a game called Valorant. Valorant is a fairly new game since it was officially released on June 2nd, 2020. It is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot games. Riot games are famously known by the AAA game League of Legends. The tournament is exclusive to campus and college students who are over 18. In order to compete with other campus students from all over the world through the Valorant game, all you have to do is register on The tournament is open to more than 50 countries. This is what makes it truly a global tournament.

The buzz on the Red Bull Campus Clutch in Kenya began on 4th March through a series of on-ground activations that were held in different areas. The locations where the activations were held are Tric Titan, Tric Krypton, Game Masters Kenya, and Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) among others.

Student at a gaming den getting some information on the Red Bull Campus Clutch

The mechanics of the tournament are quite simple:

  • Register a team
  • Get through the national qualifiers (There are 3 Qualifiers where teams can participate in all 3 until they get the desired result)
  • Get through the African qualifier
  • Go to the global championship

Simple right? You can register today at Let’s put Kenya on the map and let shine a light on Africa.