Microsoft’s Project Scarlett, the next generation of console.

By: Patrick Wendo
Date: 2019-06-30

“We don’t want to build just another console; we truly want it to be transformative”

This is what one of the designers had to say at Microsoft’s E3 showcase of their next generation console, codename: project Scarlett. This is Microsoft’s entry to the next generation of consoles. They did not give us a lot of details on the console but here is what we know so far.  

As is with the future of all gaming platforms, the console will run on an SSD as compared to previous generations that ran on HDDs for storage. This should cut down load times for games allowing you to jump in to your game faster, which then allows for more immersion. Nobody likes load screens and now it seems we will not have to scroll aimlessly through social media while our character waits in an elevator that is very obviously a ‘disguised’ load screen (I’m looking at you Mass Effect)

New consoles always mean an improvement in processing power and RAM. Project Scarlett is no exception. Microsoft claims that the next gen console will be four times more powerful than the XBOX One X. This is because at the heart of the console is their new custom designed processor leveraging the latest Zen 2 and Navi processor technology from AMD. It also has high bandwidth GDDR6 Memory, all of this adding up to what Microsoft called the largest generational leap yet.

New game generations are also marked by an improvement in graphics and frame rates. The console will be able to push out 8K graphics at framerates up to 120fps. What this means is, that it will be able to process four times the number of pixels it would at 4K and still manage to keep it all running at a smooth 120fps. As is now it would cost you an arm and a leg to get an 8k monitor or TV for gaming, but it seems Microsoft is thinking about the future where 8K TVs are affordable to the casual gamer. Aside from all of this it will also support Ray Tracing, which is a fancy new image rendering technology that makes for realistic light effects within the gameplay. Even Minecraft looks mind-blowing with Ray tracing activated.


Game streaming is the future with improvements in internet speed and Microsoft will take advantage of this as much as they can in order to compete with Google’s upcoming streaming service Stadia. Project xCloud will allow gamers to stream from their consoles to mobile devices and PC. This also has many console gamers worried as to whether or not this console generation will be the last. Worry not, I say to thee. The executive vice president, Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer did also confirm that project Scarlett is not the final console. 

“We're not planning for Scarlett to be our last console.” Phil Spencer told Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann during an interview at E3. 

Worth noting is that the console will release with Halo Infinite. A price point was not set for the console yet but what we know is that it will be released during Holiday 2020, which is probably around Christmas time. 

What does this mean for esports companies such as Pro Series Gaming (PSG)? Also how fast will the console pick up in Kenya and Africa as a whole? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.