Junior League Operations Specialist

By: Author
Date: 2020-05-06

Job description

As the Junior Esports League Operator, you will be responsible for the preparation, execution and post-production of eSports competitions on a professional level. You will be required to work with various video gaming communities and be able to rely information so as to enhance their experience.

Your future tasks:

  • Run online tournaments and leagues in a leading position

  • Administration of online and offline competitions

  • Preparation and communication of competitions

  • Back-Office:  Data collection, event documentation, Player contacts, Website controlling and updating

  • Support the League Operations team within their daily tasks

  • You may be required to write press releases, conduct interviews and post regularly on social media

  • You will also need to identify key requests and reactions from the community and feed them back to the team.



Job requirements
  Must haves:


  • Several years of experience in online gaming and tournament administration

  • Be a professional or semiprofessional level gamer, ideally on all gaming platforms (Console, PC, and Mobile devices)

  • Several years of experience in more than one game (including but not limited to: Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans)

  • Some experience in event game administration

  • Profound knowledge of esports and gaming sector

  • Some experience in social media and websites related to esports, and general affinity to the internet

  • Good understanding of tournament systems

  • Good understanding of ranking and matchmaking processes

  • Fluent in English spoken and written

  • Skilled in general IT topics and ability to use office software like Google Sheets, etc.

  • Personality and style that is in tune with the game or the PSG brand


Nice to have:

  • Self-organized and responsible

  • Good communication, writing, video editing and Photoshop skills 

  • Able to organize and manage several supporting admins

  • Able to work cooperatively in a team

  • Able to work efficiently under stress

  • Able to improvise and react to sudden unexpected problems




What is it like working at PSG?

At PSG, you are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in gaming. Our hierarchies are flat and your ideas and opinions are constantly in demand. Each day will be met with complex and challenging tasks we are going to solve together. Quick decision making allows us to create products which shape and define the nature of the eSports market. We value team chemistry and teamwork above anything else, creating a friendly and fast paced work environment.


Application information


You feel ready for the challenge to work at PSG? Please send us your application on talktous@psg.co.ke and hr@mosoundevents.com