By: Patrick Wendo
Date: 2019-08-01

Personally, I believe the reason internet speeds get faster every day is not only because we want to stream La Casa de Papel in 4k HDR, but also but because it is driven by gamers’ need to make the world one large LAN party where people can have fun playing all manner of games, but that’s just me. So let’s talk LAN Parties, what are they, why they are the best thing to happen to video games and why Pro Series Gaming Kenya is wholeheartedly devoted to delivering the biggest and best LAN parties in the country.

Officially, a LAN party is defined as a gathering where people bring their consoles or game systems and a local area network (LAN) connection is established between the game systems using a router, for the purpose of playing multiplayer games together. Sizes of such parties differ but officially the world record as of 2013 for the largest LAN Party was 17,403 connected systems, which is just mind-blowing in itself. In 2018, ProSeriesGaming threw a LAN party at Junction Mall. That was one of the first LAN Parties of its size and it went on all night. Gamers from as far as Mombasa and Kisumu availed themselves for the party. The headcount was just above 100 people.

So why bother coming for a LAN Party? Well, to put it plainly, they are fun. LAN Parties are the gaming equivalent of chilling with the squad for some drinks, except in this case, you will be chilling with the squad to take out a rival team on Apex, or to settle a bet in Call of Duty or maybe you just want to assert dominance within the group by properly bodying someone in Mortal Kombat or a 1v1 deathmatch in CS:GO. If that ain’t it, you should also consider going for the LAN parties as a way to build your friend list. It is at these parties where you can meet and sign up to join gaming clans. Beyond all this, a LAN party is just a really fulfilling experience that can not be replicated that easy. So, if you’re just about ready to forego sleep, chug Red Bull and get your W-A-S-D fingers cramping, you should definitely go to LAN Party.

But where do I get a LAN party invite? Good news, this year (2019), on the 3rd and 4th of August, Pro Series Gaming Kenya are throwing the LAN Party to end all LAN Parties. We have partnered with LiquidTelcom to bring you speeds faster than ever and pings lower than 3ms. You just need to bring your console, or your PC and all your necessary gear to the Junction Mall and pay a stipend of just KES 200/= and you’re in. You will get a place to get set up your stuff and game through the night. So why would you want to miss this LAN party? Grab your gear and we hope to see you there on the 3rd. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Let’s come together for the love of the game.