FIFA FAN FEST A Participants Perspective

By: Patrick Wendo
Date: 2020-06-07


Pool 2 of the FIFA FAN FEST


On the 15th and the 16th of this month, the games were on again as players set out to battle each other and thin the herd. Rage Quits abounded because I guess sometimes it’s easier to leave with your damaged pride than no pride at all. Regardless, the games had to go on. The first round of games was on Friday the 15th and the results were as shown on this link

Regrettably, some games had to be delayed because of connectivity issues when mother nature gave us a taste of some heavy downpour in some areas, and not everyone was able to be online at the same time.



There is no lie that the FFF has resonated with the participants. To quote Jean, a participant of the tournament,


JeanJ – The only Female FIFA gamer who registered

“I really commend PSG and RedBull for organizing this tournament. It was a great opportunity to meet new friends and have fun too.

So far, PSG has been doing a great job holding tournaments and keeping us busy indoors during the quarantine. Kudos to them... Can't wait to participate in season 2 of the Fifa Fan Fest tournament. I'll for sure bring my A game in the next one.”

Jean, particularly stands out as the only lady who signed up for the FFF. In my talks with her, she explained to me that her participation in gaming tournaments is commonplace, not only playing FIFA but also Tekken, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. She did in fact win the Blaze eSports Tekken Tournament at TUK last year and plays in other FIFA tournaments within her locale. Delving further into the conversation, Jean mentioned that she would like to be a pro eSports player in the future, and if she missed that, she would really like to work in the industry,

“...I've wanted to pursue it professionally, yes. If not as a player then I'd love to end up working in the industry for sure ...”

The industry could use a lot more trendsetters like Jean, and I for one am excited for the direction it is headed. She also does hope to join the PCMR soon and as she put it,

“..I'd love to be a mouse and keyboard wizard for sure.”

The games will go on next weekend, the 22nd and the 23rd so for now we bid our time to see who exactly will emerge as the victor of PSG’s FIFA Fun Fest League Pool 2.