FIFA FAN FEST - The Week That Shook Gamers

By: Esther Masaa Ruth
Date: 2020-04-23


Last weekend 64 gamers registered for PSG’s FIFA FAN FEST Leagues and with the intense gaming and competition, 16 gamers made it for the round-robin mechanic. The games leading up to the top 16 rankings were nothing short of exciting.

In the first stage of the FIFA FAN FEST League, the players were divided into two players per game with the loser being eliminated for the next match. The games were tough with pro gamers playing against each other; so tough that some games forfeited their games.

Tournament Mechanics for FFF

On the second stage of the game which happened the next day, the games were equally as exciting with the players pumped to get into the finals. The games were long and ran past midnight. It was great that cans of Red Bull were provided to keep the energy and adrenaline at the peak that is required.

As much as it was all fun and games in the literal sense, we did have some mishaps here and there internally and with nature. We as Pro Series Gaming are very stern in and clear in our PSG policies; in that one player cannot play for another player or put their opponent at a disadvantage. Because of this, we had to disqualify two games that decided not to play by the rules.

Nature was also not on PSG’s side. With heavy rains that caused intense lagging to the internet connection and power outages to some gamers just had to quit or wait for the next day to play. This led to most games ending past midnight, regardless of that, the games had to continue. We are now down to 16 gamers who will be playing for a ranking which is best known as ‘a round-robin mechanic.’ Our goal is to put the players on a leader board and find out who the strongest players are.

The games will be happening this weekend on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, 2020 from 7 pm. Stay tuned