FFF: Pool 2 Finale

By: Patrick Wendo
Date: 2020-06-10

On the weekend of May 29th, the tournament end drew nearer. Players were amped up on their Redbull energy drinks, controllers, and consoles were cleaned to get every bit of performance they could muster and bundles were bought in bulk to make sure the internet was not a limiting factor. The games were on and the gamers were primed for action

At the end of it all, the Supreme Champion was Azbak with Collins Oyindo as a worthy adversary. The other players did agree that Azbak was the biggest fish in the pond (or Pool in this case) and that he is in fact, a very skilled player. Azbak then went on to play against the 2015 FIFA world champion Aziz on Monday. A match that ended him winning 2-1. It is evident that Azbak is on a warpath for the FIFA world championship and if this tournament is anything to go by, he just might achieve that goal. Congratulations to Azbak for winning pool 2 of the FIFA FAN FEST


FIFA FAN FEST Pool 2 winner Abzak

Season 2 of the FIFA FAN FEST will be starting soon, so keep your eyes on the PSG website, and while you wait, maybe join our other tournaments (Register on our website)