This long awaited event was finally here. The day started out well with excited gamers showing up, to our surprise, from 10am! With 100 gamers signed up for the LAN Party, it left others with serious FOMO (fear of missing out)! Because of this, gamers as far as Homabay and Mombasa turned up hoping to have the 24hr experience.

By 4pm, most gamers had finally settled in their space and serious gaming was underway. The noise levels grew louder and louder, where the banter got more and more personal. The speed didn’t let us down thanks to Liquid Telecom. iHub’s Kitchen also gave the gamers great food to keep gaming all night. 24hrs seemed like we blinked the event was over!


The mini-tounaments started at about 9pm with Fortnite and R6 as the most popular games. We saw great interest with at least six people participating per tournament. The winners emerged as Ronan Blyth for the Fortnite, ( x.mystic_alpha.x and Team) for the R6.

At the crack of dawn, some gamers had had enough and were ready to call it quits. Other gamers were so deep in the energy drinks you would have thought they had just arrived to the party! These gamers had to be kicked out in a friendly manner of course!

All in all it was an awesome party and we cannot wait to host the next one. PSG would like to thank all our sponsors especially Liquid Telecom, iHub and What’s Good Network.