Africa E-Cup

This was the beginning of the greatest tournament in Africa. The African E Cup, the first of its kind held by PSG in Kenya. With 64 participants just from Kenya, it’s no wonder the regional competitors took some time to fully commit.

Group Stage

14 July 2018

Day 1 started well with 16 players arriving early and psyched. Once they met with our team, the players soon felt at home and were ready to start the competition. As this was a different formation than they were used to playing the players soon found themselves struggling with the lingo of the rules and had to get reacquainted with them, asking questions where they could. One question in particular still stands, ‘What are buchholz?’ As the day progressed, more and more players were eliminated leaving only the Top 4 to fight in the ‘Round of 16’.

15 July 2018

Day 2 was not any different. Word had gone round about the international standard rules and so we saw more players come in from different pools. With this, players had also come to size each other up, like in boxing. At the end of the day there could only be four who progressed to the ‘Round of 16’.

21 July 2018

Day 3 was well on its way, when we realised for the first time we had a player who has hearing loss. This did not stop anyone. They all knew what is at stake, there is a prize pool and they all want a hand at it. No one had an easy time at this pool. As some put it, this could have been the toughest Pool in the tournament. Once again the top four continued to fill the ‘Round of 16’

22 July 2018

This was the last day and officially the coldest…Brrrrrrr... It was so cold gamers came in gloves to protect their fingers! Gamers came in their numbers ready to be pushed forward into the next ‘Round of 16’ and others came to support their friends and enemies alike. All in all it was a great day in our world.

Round of 16

Once this table was filled, we saw the best of the best battle it out. This is for the top 4 positions to represent Kenya in the African E Cup at the #Asylum2018 on the 11th and 12th of August 2018. Have you got your tickets yet? Gamers came in fully focused but in the end only 4 could get through. We had some laughs, we had some cries but in the end great sportsmanship was shown throughout the whole day, GG. We thank each and every gamer who came out to play, to support or to just experience what we as PSG do in preparation of #Asylum2018. We also want to celebrate our top 4 Kenyan representatives: Flossin Mauwano, Ndukimoto, TheBlackHavoc and Trikaboy1. Good luck.