AEC Round Up

Africa Esports Championship (AEC) is the first of it’s kind. It’s an organisation holding leagues that are uniting twenty four countries. We are Pro Series Gaming (PSG) are proud to be part of this platform to grow the esports industry. Now let’s dive into the exciting league qualifiers that were held in Kenya!

In the month of March, PSG suggested athletes to participate in the league. Out of the list given, sixteen athletes were chosen. Eight for the FIFA ’19 and eight for the Tekken 7 tournaments. Pro Series Gaming as partners chose the athletes in accordance to tournaments that the athletes had taken part in. That is online tournaments, offline tournaments or their own local leagues.

At this point please note that the AEC Kenyan Premier National qualifier is powered by Ludique works and What’s Good Studios. Our awesome host was Klubhouse, K1.

Back to it, the structure was simple enough. Round robin. What this means is that everyone plays everyone and the top two athletes get a shot at the grand finale according to the points that they have earned. Yes the rumours are indeed true. Kenya won the bid to host the first grand finale. So, twenty three other countries will come to Kenya to battle it out for AEC cup and title.

Oh, we got side-tracked...Week 1 and week 2 was focusing on the FIFA ’19. With all the athletes confirming their positions and ready to get their game on, it was two weekends of holding your breath. Athletes such as Kingslayer, who was cool, calm and collected, compared to Flossin Mauano and Bari as the crowd favourites showed the diversity of the athletes selected. After week 2 it was clear that Kingslayer was ready to dethrone any one that claimed to be a king at FIFA! Just as he did at the Africa E Cup tournament held at Asylum by Naiccon and Pro Series Gaming. Kingslayer came in a close 3rd.

Looking back, week 3 and week 4 was worse than week 1 and 2. The Tekken athletes took gaming to another level with loads of emotions, fast games and skill that is of international standard. We had the drama from the only girl in the tournament; Xit Wound’s Queen Arrow, teasing the athletes and sticking her tongue out at her opponent and dancing in sync with her gaming character every time she won! We had the arrogant, unbeatable Mikey who would sit there with a smirk on his face as he continued to take names.

As if all of this was not exciting enough, the AEC organisation in Kenya decide to give a golden ticket in the FIFA’19 category! A hundred and twenty eight athletes came to try out, yes 128! Victory belonged to the one Amele! Do you want to know who this guy is who knocked out 127 other guys? Well join us at the AEC grand finale. Dates and venue to be announced! If you missed any of these matches or the opportunity to watch the AEC Kenya National Premier League, you will be able to catch them soon on a screen near you.

What was also exciting was the casting done by The Warm Up crew and the Radio Asylum team! John, Craig, Sharon Lisa, Lubs and Rags were the chosen ones for this event! The amount of rib cracking jokes and witty commentating that was done was class! All in all, it was a great choice of athletes and shout casters (commentators) with great passion and professional conduct for the growth of esports. Once again do not forget to keep a look out on Pro Series Gaming social media pages and website for the latest in esports and gaming!